What exactly is a Social Dynamics Coach?

Hey guys it’s Adam here and I am the man behind The Bowl. I have been in ‘The Game’ for over 7 years at the time of writing this (2018) and like most guys I started at a very low place. At age 17, I was crippled by social anxiety, I had no freedom of choice in my dating life and the very idea of speaking to a random person freaked me out. I am the founder and lead instructor here at The Bowl and if I had to sum up what I teach in 3 words it would be
Direct, Congruent and Authentic’. 
I don’t believe in wasting my time or a girl’s time so I live by these words.

Why is it called ‘The Bowl’? because it’s the place where everything can mix. I run free community sessions in each city I go to called ‘Bowl Sessions’ where anyone is free to come, from the straight noobie to the advanced pro. It’s a few hours where everyone can be surrounded by a positive group of guys, like minded and all aligned in the singular purpose to better one’s self.

I was introduced to pick up by one of my best friends who met a local PUA at the gym. At first I heavily resisted the idea of pick up and thought those guys were just shallow players…yeah I was young okay so cut me some cheese. But as fate would have it, I eventually fell in love with the idea of bettering myself, creating a new lifestyle and enjoying all the crazy adventures this journey has to offer.

My Story

After a couple frustrating years of intermittently attempting to learn social skills with women, I had one of those “enough of this shit” moments! I was sitting in a bean bag, playing some Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with some pizza hut. It was a Saturday night and this was all I had planned…at this very moment I said to myself “…surely there is more to life than this!?”. Even if it’s not going out to clubs and bars because I didn’t enjoy those types of places at the time, surely I could be sharing this moment with a beautiful woman. That very same night my wing who was further down the journey than I was messaged me suggesting the idea of a 30 day challenge. So for the next 30 days I went out every day and saw exponential, compounded growth that blew my mind.

To cut the 30 day story short, at the end I was seeing 3 different girls in casual relationships, had finally been sexually intimate with a girl from cold approach and a month after the challenge was over I met my perfect 10 and spent the next 2 years with her.

During those 2 years I began coaching guys in Adelaide for free with one of my wings Jordan. Eventually we realised we had something here and started putting together professional boot camps in both the day and the night. In march of 2015 we decided to really go hard at it, kicking off The Bowl website and Youtube Channel. We then spent the next year travelling around the country teaching Boot Camps. In early 2016 Jordan decided to move on from The Bowl in order to find and develop himself, there was no bad blood left between us, we are still great mates to this day.

So now I am running the ship solo and really getting my message out there that every guy deserves the freedom of choice in his dating life! My why and what motivates me is to guide people on their Journey's of Self-Cultivation. To give back what I've learnt along my journey, so that the path may be simpler for you! So if you think you're ready to experience more of what this journey has to offer then check out the Boot Camp page HERE.

So guys,
keep hustling, take some action and get this life handled!

If you want to get an EVEN DEEPER understanding of where I came from, check this potto:

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- Adam.