See what the previous Boot Camp students are saying about their time training with me.

This journey has never changed, it has and always will be my journey. I have had the pleasure and honor to have somebody walk along side me for a period of time. What you were able to transmit through your energy and devotion has no price and no words that would do it justice. Just by your being and letting your energy flow freely you were able to make me see beyond... beyond where? Beyond the boundaries that my mind had constructed. You illuminated the paths which your soul dances freely in because you have no boundaries. By letting go of the self you are limitless. You are an embodiment of your words. It is of no surprise that your congruence is unparalleled. Signing up for this boot camp is an experience I will never regret. I’d make the same decision time and time again if I had to go back in time. Every time would look different because your boot camp is moulded to each individual and to each situation. I can’t thank you enough. With all that being, I will always be grateful for this opportunity and know deep down that anybody presented with this experience will be tremendously blessed. Thank you Adam. Nothing but love and positive energy,
— Mario, 24, Toronto, Canada.
Working with Adam during the 48 hour Bootcamp this past June was an amazing experience for me. I can not say enough good things about Adam not only as a coach but just as an overall good person in general. Adam takes a genuine interest in his client’s needs and really wants to see them succeed. I’ve worked with several other coaches in the past (all of whom are well known PUA’s) however none compared to Adam. If you are considering doing the bootcamp I would urge you to pull the trigger. I learned more in 2 days with Adam then I have in years of studying “game”. Adam will push you out of your comfort zone slightly but it’s what needs to be done in order to improve this skill set. I would recommend Adam’s bootcamp to anyone who feels that they have room to improve when it comes to approaching and talking to beautiful women.
— Chad, 33 - NY, USA.
3 years ago I decided the pain of having no romantic relationships in my life became too great and it was up to me take responsibility to fix it, and ultimately only me. Through that time, I’ve been in the company of countless other guys and “coaches” that claimed to help me achieve what I had been seeking. As time continued to pass however, I realized that I just wasn’t accomplishing the things I had been working so hard for. No one could pinpoint what was holding me back from gaining success in this area of my life until I met Adam and ultimately took his boot camp. What I can say now is that the weekend I spent working with him illuminated the path for me in a way that no one could for me before. Adam is one of the few true dating coaches that genuinely cares about your development in showing you what needs to be done in order to live the romantic and social life you’ve dreamed of by giving it to you real and raw with no sugar-coating. From the moment our debrief ended at the end of the second day, I felt nothing but inspired and excited to continue my journey, knowing exactly what I had to work on in order to live the life of which I have endeavored for so long. In the end, the best investment you can make is an investment in yourself, and this past weekend with Adam is something that will pay off for the rest of my life.
— Bobby, 21 - NY, USA.
This was the most powerful 2 days of my life. I’ve come out feeling lighter, smiling harder, and being better than I ever have in my entire life. What Adam did for me over 2 days is more, emotionally, than anyone has ever done for me in my entire life. What was provided is so much more than just meeting women, it’s meeting yourself. I can say I legitimately met myself for the first time that weekend, both the great in me and what I can work on as both a man and a human being. There is not enough thanks in the world I can give Adam for what he has shown me and if anyone is unsure if spending two days with him is worth it, I can assure you it is one of the best investments you will ever make in your entire life.
— Shawn, 27 - NY, USA
This is no “Bootcamp”, it’s having and allowing yourself to have a second shot at what you wish you could have but missed all along.
If you’re not fed up enough with your current situation to commit yourself 100% to becoming truly you then, you could probably get better use of that money by buying a bag of chips.
These two days are nothing short of amazing, eye-opening and really are an investment in yourself for the days, weeks, months and years to come.
Having met so many different people in my life, I could tell, after a few minutes of Day 1, that Adam really-really cares about making sure his students get the most of it and I could sense his passion and dedication for this whole process.
Believe me when I say that this thing you’re about to do, no matter how adventurous it might seem, will prove to be the most important thing you could give yourself.

I know this was what I had to do.

Thank you Adam.
— Alexandre, 23- Canada
Coming into bootcamp as a fan of Adam’s content I was positive Adam was going to help me improve techniques in this area of my life. However I did not expect to leave with so many lessons, improved mindsets and a general appreciation of the journey and of life. From the moment Adam introduced himself right to the very emotional end was an eye-opening experience.
Adam ensured the right amount of challenge to grow was put forward. Adam was extremely patient, positive and ensured the right guidance was given to me in each situation. He ensured every time that I understood deeply each concept and the deeper why.
Continuously throughout the bootcamp moments came up where I smiled and thought, wow, I made such a good choice.
The boot camp was run extremely well right to the details such as Adam holding himself from going to the bathroom to not interrupt my flow to the extremely professional equipment used that seamlessly minimises distraction from the important tasks at hand.
Adam genuinely cares about his students, his willingness to clear his schedule to ensure debrief was understood and properly done even if well over the scheduled time demonstrated this.
Adam has left a lasting impression on me and certainly my future in life. I could not be happier with the intense value I received in bootcamp. I recommend it highly to all others thinking about this experience for themselves. Im so excited for the next stage of my life. The only regret about bootcamp is I wish I did it sooner.
— Sol-20-Sydney,Australia
I decided to go through with the Boot Camp because I was disappointed with how shy and unconfident I was in life and especially with women. Talking with women on the street scared the crap out of me and I needed to change this aspect of my life. The first day before boot camp I was so scared I literally felt sick in the stomach and thinking to my self what am I doing and wanted to turn around and go home. But Adam is such an amazing coach he calmed me down and built up my confidence, It was the most amazing and life changing experience I ever had in my life, Adam really helped me conquer my fears and totally eradicate my anxiety. I can not recommend the Boot Camp enough It will change your life.
— Angel
I was dissatisfied with my dating life. After, I found out about The Bowl during the spring of 2016, I was inspired to commit to a 30 Day Challenge. The result was a 2 month casual relationship. Then I tried to undergo a second 30 Day Challenge, but this time had extreme difficultly in doing so. I decided to participate in a Bootcamp in hopes of discovering my bad habits. It was the biggest investment of my life. However, I assure you that it was worth every single penny. It wasn’t an easy task but I’m glad that I was able to conquer my fears. Adam SHISHOU. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done.
— Kevin
This was undoubtedly the most eye opening experience I have ever been through. Going into it I was expecting to be challenged both mentally and physically and the bootcamp did just that and more. You could not ask for a better coach in Adam. He remained positive throughout the whole thing. He’s extremely humble, generous and He genuinely cares about your success. This bootcamp gave me all the tools to be successful, it is now up to me to use these tools. This program is an extremely good example of what pickup should be.
— Syd
When I decided to book a bootcamp with Adam I did it mainly to be able to approach and talk to women and to know what to say and if I was lucky maybe get their phone numbers.
After I finish the bootcamp I can tell with no doubt that is the best investment I’ve done in terms of my personal development to improve my social skills, and this is taking into consideration that I’m a business person in it’s 40s.
Adam has the skills and experience that allow him to rapidly analyse who you are as a social human being and develop a personalized bootcamp experience that will put focus on the exact things you need to improve in order to become the best version of yourself when interacting with women.
It is great that your interactions are recorder and carefully analyzed so you have the opportunity to understand how a woman perceives your approach and the things you need to focus on.
I wouldn’t believe that I would be able to have such an amazing transformation and the incredible experiences with beautiful women that I’ve experienced in just after couple of weeks of doing this bootcamp.
Thank you Adam for showing me the path to change my life forever.
— Rody
Adam’s bootcamp can only be summed up in four words : eye opening emotional experience; consisting of highest of the highs and lowest of the lows. He tailored everything specific to where I was in game. As long as I was able to let go, I was able to connect the dots of his refined teaching style and appreciate the well thought out timing of each lesson. He kept me at the edge but also knew when to sit me down for a break. The standards were customized and set high enough that I was forced to get the reference experience I needed but not so high that I felt like crumbling amidst sets. He understood where I was at, respected that, and gave me what I needed to become aware of my sticking points and overcome them. The concepts were hammered in via massive reference experience and very little theory, but he was always willing to go into theoretical depth when we asked him. Despite being sick, Adam’s mentorship did not waver. By the end of the bootcamp, I had left with more experience in 2 days than I had in the past 2 years. If you are looking to kickstart your journey to game and cut the learning curve by heaps, then Adam’s bootcamp will give you that “aha” moment you need...and much more
— Abi
This boot camp experience in the shortest expression of words can be summed up in is life changing. Adam is such a down to earth person who you can relate so easy to, both positive and super supportive. He is exactly the person you see through the videos as he is in real life. The boot camp experience is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone who wants to change their life. In 1 weekend I overturned my life and unlocked myself, I found happiness, the ability to free yourself and overall I found who I was again. Life doesnt throw many opportunites like that in everyone’s way, and if you lucky enough to recieve it, grab it by the balls and fucking do it! This boot camp by Adam was that amazing opportunity for me.
— Johnathan
It was an intense 2 days and I found it enjoyable. He keeps everything simple which is tailored to your needs as well as having a single, direct, well-defined system for how to approach and attract women. He’s a good teacher and passionate about it. His bootcamps are very focused on the individual as there aren’t more than 2 students, he is able to analyse your sticking points all through heavy infields plus he filmed me on the 2nd day which is great as most coaches don’t film.
Also, keeping in touch using skype calls over the following 6 months after bootcamp reassures me that he really wants me to ingrain what I’ve learnt into practice so that it will become part of my lifestyle.
I find his philosophy to be that he doesn’t change who you are as a person and it’s not about being inauthentic, but just changing your energy, making women super attracted to you and basically become the best person you can be. He knows how to keep the badass vibe in you and that stops you from being boring and predictable to women.
I’m super excited of what will happen in the future.
— John
I signed up for a bootcamp with Adam at age 41. I really wanted to make progress; but at the same time I hadn’t quite convinced myself that a guy like me could, or should, be doing daygame. The bootcamp was intense, confronting, exhausting but amazing. It’s one of the best things I’ve done. It was tough, but I experienced more growth in one day than I’d achieved in the past 12 months. And let me say this about Adam: he’s an exceptional coach. He has just the right blend of discipline and empathy. He pushes you beyond your comfort zone, whilst taking into account how the experience is affecting your emotional state.
— Simon
The boot camp was a totally immersive experience, the majority of the time was spent infield so the constant exposure to approaching and interacting with women helped me push through my fears and anxieties. Adam teaches a honest and genuine approach to pick up, no gimmicks or scripted lines which develops your own natural style and the constant support and advice after the boot camp has been extremely helpful. The boot camp really developed a habit of taking action to improve not just with women but all areas of my life, it has set me on the path to becoming the best version of myself.
— Thuan
The bootcamp was a tough, nerve wrecking experience, I was pushed to do things that I normally never would of, however in doing that it not only helped me alot in approaching and interacting with women. It also developed my character. it pointed me the path of true self expression doing and saying how I truly feel and not being afraid of judgement. Spreading positivity to people around you and expressing how you trully feel is a good feeling.
— Duncan
On the bootcamp, they pushed me out of my comfort zone, and showed me a new way of having fun. They filmed infield footage, and after the bootcamp, they broke down the footage, which was really helpful, and I got a copy of it. It was a great experience. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone wanting to improve this area of their life.
— Justin
Having done a Day Game Bootcamp with Adam and Jordan I can totally vouch for these guys. The thing that I really liked about the bootcamp was that majority of it was spent on the field doing sets. And tell you what, there were many sets! These guys have a structured program and all you need to do is show up with an open mind and follow the process...and you will get results!

I highly recommend taking the bootcamp with The Bowl guys whether you are just starting out and need that initial push and momentum or an intermediate daygamer who needs extra eyes and some adjustments to his game. And one last thing, the infield videos that they take of you are really helpful to see where you at in regards to game and which areas you can improve on.
— Ajay
I came into the bootcamp with a general knowledge of day game and a little infield experience. Jordan’s style of teaching really pushed me to the limit to do things I was deathly afraid of. I resented him for it at the time but I definitely came out a better man having conquered my fears. Adam’s style of teaching is dynamic and really accommodated to my unique needs and weaknesses. The infield recordings and breakdown are also invaluable. The weekend itself was insane; I’d never experienced anything that was so mentally and physically draining as well as rewarding as this bootcamp.
— Henry
Adam and Jordan know what their doing. Take the bootcamp if you want a jumpstart to your game. Nothing will change if you don’t apply the principles and take action of course, but following their structure and mindset will take you to the next level of your personal game journey, when you follow through. Get in at the ground floor, while they’re still making initial waves, and reap the insane value for money.
— Naj
I would highly recommend you invest in yourself and take one of the Bowls bootcamps, the amount of value for the price is unmatched!
It was very well planned out and they gave us reframes and challenges that are game changing. I especially liked the challenge on the second day, but you will find out about that later...
You will take action, they will make sure of it. It is then up to you to continue with the positive momentum. If you are considering an immersion period, this program would be a great way to kickstart you into 6th gear!
— Ryan

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