#61- Stop Pushing Her Away w/ Puppy Dog Love Neediness!

She’s your first 10, the greatest girl you’ve met to date, and much much “cooler” than you are. So you decide to melt on her, going from ice block (which brought you to her) to a soft pillowy marshmallow. Of course this now turns her away because you start demonstrating extreme levels of neediness. In this Potto I dive into so many different angles surrounding this topic. Let’s go!

#54- The Battle of EGO, Burning The Boats & Preparing For The Journey!

The process of self development is not one without intense tests of resilience. In less eloquent words, you are bound to be thrown into a shit fight. Whether that be with yourself, others or the plethora of experiences you’ll go through in the pursuit of self evolvement. Today I’m sharing some of key things to prepare for if you decide to step into this journey, let’s go!