#105 - The Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make In 2019

If you’re a man in the dating game, you’ll want to pay close attention to this Top 10. The success of your dating life depends on it. I spared no ounce of energy in delivering this piece of content, it will stand the test of time, let’s dive.

1. 8:00 - The Power to Change Their Dating Lives.
2. 19:30 - Acting from Neediness. Royal Pedestaling.
3. 34:45 - Breathing to 1000x Social Performance.
4. 45:34 - The Journey Will Always Be Your Journey.
5. 01:05:48 - Roots Not Fruits. External vs Internal.
6. 01:18:36 - 10 Min vs 10 Year Mindset.
7. 01:30:30 - Over Invested In Online Dating.
8. 01:37:40 - Looking to settle ASAP.
9. 01:44:36 - Romantically Complacent.
10. 01:53:42 - The Dance of Masculine to Feminine Energy.

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