#100- Meditation, Fasting & Interviews On A Plane!

A 14.5 hour flight from Australia to the U.S had me experimenting with several levels of discipline, while engaging as many people as I could to learn about this life. In episode 100, I hit the stairwell of a Qantas A380 Airbus to record my live experimentation with flying fasted and being restricted to meditation/conversation only. On a whim, I decided to interview a couple passengers that were peaking my interest, note: neither of them have ever been on a podcast before, nor have I ever interviewed anyone on a plane before… there’s a lot of firsts going on today. In the first interview we dive into the deep spiritual journey of Sheila (the mother), and in the second we dive into the life lessons of a Vet in Nisha. It’s been an absolute honour to have bought the past 100 (and samurai change ;) episodes to you all, and I thank you greatly for all of your support, here’s to another 900, LET’S DIVE!

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